GSK Increases Brand Awareness for Voltaren by 15 Percent With Outbrain



Success Story

GSK is a global, research-based healthcare company with a mission to help people live more active, longer and healthier lives. Together with the digital healthcare agency Ellusion, GSK developed the Healthy Workout program – an interactive, individualised training program to prevent muscle and joint pain. It was important to GSK and Ellusion to focus on consumer interests and to integrate Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory drug for muscle and joint pain, in a native and unobtrusive way.


In order to make the Healthy Workout program known to a wider audience and reach people who are struggling with back pain, GSK and Ellusion developed a Native Discovery advertising campaign together with DVGE Verlag and Outbrain.

The Nielsen Brand Lift study measured how native advertising with a clear focus on the consumer experience and the activation through the Outbrain Premium Publisher network increased brand awareness and purchase intent. People who took part at the Healthy Workout program via an Outbrain recommendation were marked using the Story Sequencing tool and given the opportunity to participate in the Brand Lift study. In the form of a quiz, questions were asked about brand awareness and buying intentions.


Step #1

GSK and Ellusion distribute content across the Outbrain premium publisher network.

Step #2

Two groups are created – those who clicked on the page and those who did not. Both receive the survey quiz.

Step #3

Quiz results are analyzed and validated by Nielsen proving how the exposed group saw a significant brand lift.

Native advertising with Outbrain and high-quality content are the ideal combination – not only to achieve engagement, but also to increase brand awareness. The increase in purchase intent shows that users associate the Voltaren brand positively after viewing the Healthy Workouts and are more likely reach for our product.”

Claudia Trübenbach, Digital Content Manager Dach, GSK Consumer Healthcare

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