Fidelity, a Leading Financial Services Company, Generates 900+ Leads with Outbrain

Success Story

Fidelity International, a world-class investment solutions and retirement expert, helps its customers build better futures for themselves and generations to come.


Looking for a strategic marketing partner who could help prospect, engage, and convert customers who are at retirement age, Fidelity partnered with leading recommendation platform, Outbrain.


Outbrain’s ability to successfully engage consumers across the open web proved effective for Fidelity. By powering discovery moments on premium environments, including the world‘s top publisher sites, Outbrain’s native ads establish an inherent sense of trust with consumers. This premium environment coupled with proprietary targeting technology and interest-based data, allowed Fidelity to reach its ideal consumer base.

Fidelity took a content-first approach to its strategy with Outbrain. In order to reach qualified users that would engage with its content, the company amplified relevant investment articles and eBook guides to capture audiences who were near or at retirement age. A qualified user was defined and determined by a dwell time of 30+ seconds on the page or a ‘nudge’ (when a user moved from the initial article to another Fidelity retirement-related article).

Once a qualified user was determined, Fidelity was then able to retarget these potential customers with more lead generation campaigns, specifically with calls to action like ‘speak with a Fidelity retirement specialist’ or ‘consolidate your pension.’ Campaign success was in both the content served and the ability to track user interactions and categorize high value actions. With this information, the campaigns could then be optimized towards highly engaged users through Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy. In the end, not only did Outbrain generate leads and engagement for Fidelity, but the campaigns generated a 7X ROI, with Outbrain users directly investing into the financial services company‘s pension plan.


Fidelity achieved high engagement, lead generation and a 7x ROI on its retirement campaigns with Outbrain.

Outbrain has become an integral part of our marketing strategy at Fidelity. We’ve successfully run a number of campaigns that have driven engaged and quality audiences to Fidelity’s site. This stems from Outbrain’s ability to reach a quality audience that is more likely to convert into Fidelity customers.”

Vicky Edgerton, Digital Marketing Manager, Fidelity International

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